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Make a Power Pledge!

To get useful data on the workforce, we need your help!

Programs and organizations that employ and support individuals in the youth fields are invited to make a Power Pledge for the Power of Us Workforce Survey today! Those interested in contributing may be eligible to receive an honorarium for their support.

How to make a power pledge:

  • Commit to recruiting a targeted number of people to complete the survey (see Power Pledge levels)
  • Complete the Power Pledge form*
  • Receive notification from the Power of Us Workforce Survey team confirming Power Pledge level

Honoraria are available for a select number of champions who commit to a recruitment target of youth workforce professionals and volunteers to take the survey by December 31, 2022.

If you would like to make a Power of Us Power Pledge, complete this form to apply!

*Power Pledge opportunities are limited and may not be available to all organizations. They will be considered on a rolling basis until December 31.

Become a Power of Us Workforce Survey Champion!

Programs and organizations in the youth fields can support the survey by becoming Power of Us Champions. Power of Us Champions will be key in encouraging youth-serving professionals and volunteers to complete the survey. With your help, we can ensure that the Power of Us Workforce Survey reflects the diversity in the field across geographic regions, sectors, roles, and experience.

Join an upcoming office hours event to learn more or fill out this quick champions sign-up form.

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